Double Cone Blender


From concept to distribution, we cater to every aspect of the process and are your one-stop shop for the broad base solution of wet / dry granulation consisting of processing system for drying,granulating, mixing, blending, tableting, coating, pelletizing, pellet coating, stirring, homogenizing, vacuumized mixing, filtration, evaporation, containment, material conveying, cleaning as well as process integration.

The Prash Double Cone Blenders are the optimum equipment for homogeneous blending of powders for any industry be it chemical food or pharmaceutical. The range of capacities available, rotational speeds, and materials of construction means there is a PRASH Powder Blender to suit every application. An efficient and versatile, closed double cone blender for granular and dry powder blending. The Powder Blender is equipped with either Direct, or Variable Speed Drives. The Double Cone allows a low shear product mixing environment.

  • The conical shape at both ends enables uniform mixing and easy discharge
  • The cone is statically balanced which protects the gear box and motor from any excessive load
  • Powder is loaded into the cone through a wide opening and discharged through a butterfly valve.
  • Paddle type baffles can be provided on the shaft for better mixing, uniform blending and de-agglomeration. (Oprional).
  • Flame proof electrical can be provided as option
  • Variable Frequency Drive available for speed controlling. (Optional)
Model Gross Capacity (Ltrs.) Working Capacity (Ltrs.) Max. RPM HP
PRA-BL/DC50 50 35 2 TO 20 1
PRA-BL/DC100 100 70 2 TO 20 1.5
PRA-BL/DC300 300 210 2 TO 15 5
PRA-BL/DC500 500 350 3 TO 12 7.5
PRA-BL/DC750 750 525 3 TO 12 7.5
PRA-BL/DC1000 1000 700 3 TO 12 10
PRA-BL/DC1500 1500 1050 3 TO 10 15
  Blender available up to 5000 Ltrs. capacity.  
  • Working volume depends on product bulk density.
  • Company reserves the right to modify technical specifications.