Ampoule and Vial washing


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High-Speed Automatic Rotary Ampoule and Vial Washing Machine has been primarily used in industries like Pharmaceutical, Biotech and Veterinary. Machine is to wash Ampoule and Vial while ensuring that the minimum part of the machinery comes into direct contact with the container. Machine has a customized gripper system that tends to hold the container from its neck and keeps it inverted until the process of washing does not complete. After the washing process is completed, it releases the container with the assistance of the change parts.

  • All contact parts of the machine are made from SS316 along with the internal surfacing of vials and other wash media to make the machine more durable.
  • For six internal washing zones, the machine has 18 jets in total.
  • There are 15 cassette of grippers and every cassette has minimum 2 grippers.
  • It is ideal for 1ml to 25ml ampoule and 2ml to 100ml vials.
  • Washing sequence can be easily customized.
  • Machine consists of 3 pumps and 3 tanks with the capacity of 25 litres each.
  • Every washing zone has an independent circuit to avoid any contamination of any sort.
  • PLC/HMI control with HMI.
  • Aluminium profile cabinet covering machine.

Model PWA – RAV 120 PWA – RAV 240
Product Rate 70 to 120 Containers/ Minute 90 to 240 Containers/Minute
Input Specification: Ampoule Dia. Input Specification: Vial Dia. Input Specification: Ampoule Height Input Specification: Vial Height 9mm to 21.5mm 14mm to 56mm 60mm to 140mm 32mm to 110mm 9mm to 21.5mm 14mm to 56mm 60mm to 140mm 32mm to 110mm
Power Specification 4 H.P., 3 Phase 50 Hertz 4 H.P., 3 Phase 50 Hertz
Water Tank and Pump 3 nos. each with 25 liters capacity and centrifugal pump 3 nos. each with 25 liters capacity and centrifugal pump
Overall Dimension in mm 2050mm (L) X 2000mm (W) X 1210mm (H) 2050mm (L) X 2000mm (W) X 1210mm (H)