Automatic Round Bottle Sticker Labelling


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Automatic Round Bottle (Sticker) Labeling machine is suitable for labelling of round bottles up to a maximum of 120 bottles a minute. Automatic labelling is with high efficiency, accuracy and speed. Machine consists of main structure, product transmission belt with adjustable guide, separator unit, label dispenser unit, label wrapping unit, electrical panel, PLC / HMI based operation and AC drives.

  • Stainless Steel Structure is made of SS 304.
  • All moving parts covered by S.S. safety guards.
  • All expose parts are MS powder coated / nickel plated.
  • Long Rubberized Endless Conveyor Belt
  • Conveying system with easy adjustable side guide.
  • Conveying system equipped with AC frequency variable drive for variable speed with constant torque.
  • Full / Partial labelling is possible.
  • Machine Suitable for Round Product like Vial/ Bottle/ Jar/ Tin / Can and Container.
  • Dispensing Unit to dispense labels.
  • Specially designed drive mechanism for Label Release
  • Reel mechanism (Size: 300 mm) to hang the roll with core ID of 76 mm (3”).
  • Brake assembly to avoid variation during releasing of roll.
  • Various label position adjustment with the help of sliding pipe assembly.
  • Specially designed wrapping unit to wrap label on product.
  • The Wrapping belt is made of specialized nylon sponge material for longer life.
  • Reliable and proven pneumatic & electrical/electronic components from Reputed make.
Machine Automatic Round Bottle Sticker Labelling Machine Automatic High-speed Round Bottle Sticker Labelling Machine
Model PLB–ARB 80 PLB–ARB 120
Capacity / Minute Up to 80 (Speed depends on label and products size) Up to 120 (Speed depends on label and products size)
Bottle MOC & Type Round Glass/PET Bottles Round Glass/PET Bottles
Bottle Size (In mm) 25 to 90 25 to 90
Label Size (In mm) Up to 75 (H) Up to 75 (H)
Label MOC Paper Sticker Label Paper Sticker Label
Power Supply Single Phase / 230V AC / 50 Hz Single Phase / 230V AC / 50 Hz
Working Height (In mm) 850 (± 50 mm Adjustable) 850 (± 50 mm Adjustable)
Approx. Weight 350 Kg 450 Kg
Machine dimensions (In mm) 1825 (L) x 1055 (W) x 1060 (H) 2425 (L) x 1255 (W) x 1060 (H)