Ointment Manufacturing


From concept to distribution, we cater to every aspect of the process and are your one-stop shop for the broad base solution of wet / dry granulation consisting of processing system for drying,granulating, mixing, blending, tableting, coating, pelletizing, pellet coating, stirring, homogenizing, vacuumized mixing, filtration, evaporation, containment, material conveying, cleaning as well as process integration.

The Ointment Manufacturing Plants are ideal tools for the pharmaceutical & cosmetic industries for the production of Ointment, Cream, Lotions, Tooth Paste, Shampoo & other emulsions & homogenizations. It is specially designed to take care of two critical factors which directly affects the quality of the Ointment / Creams.

Our Machine is Tailor made for Minimum man handling of Ointment, Negligible vacuum drop during mixing & blending and it is needless to say that it also provides the benefits of the effective manpower utilization.

  • The Plant is designed to be operated only by one operator and one helper.
  • All material transfers are done by vacuum or by transfer pumps.
  • All vessels are paint free construction and manufactured as per cGMP standards.
  • The gaskets used are of silicon (food grade).
  • All contact parts are of S.S. 316, finished to class 4B (Mirror) finish and are crevice free.
  • The entry of all agitators is from top & High-Speed Emulsifier from bottom or In-line Emulsifier (as per customer demand).
  • All vessels are suitable for internal pressure of 1 Kg. / Sq. cm. and can be sterilized.
  • All pipes, pipe fittings and valves are of either SS304 or SS316 as per customer requirement. They are of seamless quality, internally electro polished and with tri-clover joints.
  • The entire plant is equipped with CIP & SIP connections. The customer can use if they have CIP & SIP plant. We can alternatively supply CIP & SIP complete system on customer demand.
  • All values of Ampere, temperature & time of the plant are indicated digitally on the control panel.
  • A microprocessor or Complete PLC controlled automatic operating plant can be designed & supplied as per customer requirement.

Ointment Manufacturing Plant

The Ointment Manufacturing Plant consists of a set of equipment’s designed for ointments, gels, creams and lotions for capacities ranging from 5 kg to 1000 kg. Higher capacities are also available and details can be provided on customer request.

Water Phase Vessel:

The Water Phase Vessel is a jacketed cylindrical tank with Torri-spherical dish ends. A propeller type stirrer is provided for agitating the liquid.

Wax Phase Vessel:

The Wax Phase Vessel is a jacketed cylindrical tank with Torri-spherical dish ends. A propeller type stirrer is provided for agitating the wax or oil. A conical filter filters out impurities before the wax is transferred to the manufacturing vessel.

Manufacturing Vessel:

The Manufacturing Vessel is a jacketed cylindrical vessel with a conical bottom and anchor type agitator. It is used to mix the viscous product from the Water and wax phase vessels.


The Homogenizer is used with the manufacturing vessel to reduce particle size and achieve uniform mixing.

Storage Vessel:

The Storage Vessel is a tank with a conical bottom in which the product is collected and stored until it has to be transferred to the filling line. It can be provided with an anchor type stirrer and a jacket as per requirement.

Transfer Pump:

The Transfer Pump (twin lobe) is used to transfer the product from the manufacturing vessel to the storage vessel.

Metering Pump:

The Metering Pump is a positive displacement pump through which the product can be transferred to the filling line at a controlled flow rate.

Inter-Connecting Pipeline:

The Inter-Connecting Pipeline is provided for the plant as per the layout. All pipes are electropolished from the inside.

Working Platform:

A suitable Working Platform is provided to help in the maintenance and operation of the plant.

Control Panel:

The electrical control panel houses the necessary electrical components and controls needed to operate the plant. Custom built automation can be incorporated to reduce human interventions.


Model Batch (Kg) Wax Phase Vessel (Cap.
Water Phase Vessel (Cap. Ltrs) Mfg. Vessel (Cap. Ltrs.) Storage Vessel (Cap.Ltrs.) Approx. Length- mm Approx. Width- mm Approx. Height- mm
PRA-OMP 100 100 70 70 140 150 4110 1300 2200
PRA-OMP 200 200 140 140 280 310 4580 1400 2600
PRA-OMP 300 300 210 210 420 460 5050 1750 3000
PRA-OMP 500 500 350 350 700 780 6500 2500 3500
PRA-OMP 1000 1000 700 700 1400 1560 6070 2000 3600
  • Working volume depends on material characteristic and product bulk density.
  • Company reserves the right to modify technical specifications.