From concept to distribution, we cater to every aspect of the process and are your one-stop shop for the broad base solution of wet / dry granulation consisting of processing system for drying,granulating, mixing, blending, tableting, coating, pelletizing, pellet coating, stirring, homogenizing, vacuumized mixing, filtration, evaporation, containment, material conveying, cleaning as well as process integration.

We offer support 365 day of the year.

Our expert team help customers with:

  • Process optimisation, troubleshooting and tech-transfer support

  • Regulatory compliance as it relates to cGMP, documentation, data storage and automation

  • Implementation of Pharma 4.0 including prognostic and diagnostic analytics through Internet of Things

  • Processing system and software upgrades

  • Operator training

  • Engineering support and Annual Maintenance Services

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