Automatic Double Side Flat Bottle Sticker Labelling


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Automatic Double Side (Sticker) Labelling machine is used for double side labelling on flat, oval or square bottles of PET, Plastic, Glass etc. Shapes/Profile. Machine is microprocessor controlled, performs accurately and is very user friendly.

Machine consists of main structure, product in-feed screw, product transmission belt with guide adjustment, top product holding conveyor with height adjustment, 2 nos. of label dispensing unit, label pasting unit, motor, sensors, AC drives, motors, electrical panel, emergency switch and PLC/HMI control for operations.

Machine Automatic Double Side Flat Bottle Sticker Labelling Machine
Model No. PLB – ADS 120
Direction of Movement Left to Right
Label size 10mm to 85mm width
Output Up to 120 bottles/minute
Main Motor 0.5 HP, 1400 rpm, 3 Phase, 430 V, 50 Hz.
Conveyor Motor 0.25 HP/415 Volts/AC/50 Hz Variable Speed
Top Pressing Motor 0.25 HP/415 Volts/AC/50 Hz Variable Speed
Stepper Motor 6 Amp, 60 KG Torque X 2 Nos.
Label Length 240mm Maximum
Label Space 3mm between labels
Machine Power 220 Volts/AC/50 Hz Single Phase
Machine Dimensions 2500mm(L) X 1800mm(W) Conveyor 800mm Ht. 50mm adjustable