Rapid Mixer Granulator

Rapid Mixer Granulator (RMG) is best suit for processes which requires homogenous mixing, controlled granule size and at the same time assuring great reduction in processing time. Combination of Mixing Blade & Chopper Blade with right profile and Speed can achieve uniformly mixed granules of Active and excipients added with binder. The dose distribution can be achieved using an automatic binder addition system and an optimum speed combination for Mixing blade and chopper blade. The granules are of compact structure and high bulk density after the mixing and granulating process is complete in RMG.

  • Designed for optimum use of bowl capacity.
  • Effective sealing for leak proof operation.
  • Machine with PLC and HMI based control.
  • VFD at Impeller and Chopper.
  • Pneumatically operated Top Lid.
  • Pneumatically operated Product Discharge.
  • Bowl in Vacuum rated design for charging of material via Vacuum Transfer System.
  • Sensor at Top lid and at guard for safety purpose.
  • 3 Blade Impeller design and 4 blade chopper design for better formation of granules
  • Air Purging at impeller and chopper shaft.
  • End point indication by Ampere.
  • 21 CFR part 11 available on request
  • Wet Co-mill at discharge with VFD for wet milling.
  • Flame Proof Construction.
  • Spray Ball Assembly for WIP.
  • Swivel type top lid design.
  • Automatic Binder Addition System.
  • SCADA connectivity.
  • Closed integrated transfer system.
  • Recipe Management System.
  • Enclosed drive transmission system.
  • Machine cannot start if Lid is not closed, and during operation if Lid opened machine stops.
  • Low Air Pressure Alarm stops Machine.
  • Inter-locking at discharge to ensure product container underneath of discharge.
  • Overload relay Protection and Emergency stop button.
  • Working volume depends on material characteristic and product bulk density.
  • Company reserves the right to modify technical specifications.


ModelGross CapacityWorking CapacityBatch CapacityMain Motor HP>Chopper Motor HP
PRA-MIX 2525 LTR20 LTR5-10 KG3 / 5 HP1 / 2 HP
PRA-MIX 5050 LTR40 LTR10-20 KG5 / 7.5 HP2 / 3 HP
PRA-MIX 100100 LTR80 LTR20-40 KG7.5 / 10 HP2 / 3 HP
PRA-MIX 150150 LTR120 LTR30-60 KG10 / 15 HP3 / 5 HP
PRA-MIX 250250 LTR200 LTR50-100 KG22.5 / 30 HP3 / 5 HP
PRA-MIX 400400 LTR320 LTR80-160 KG35 / 40 HP5 / 7.5 HP
PRA-MIX 600600 LTR480 LTR120-240 KG40 / 50 HP5 / 7.5 HP
PRA-MIX 800800 LTR640 LTR160-320 KG50 / 60 HP7.5 / 10 HP
PRA-MIX 10001000 LTR800 LTR200-400 KG60 / 75 HP10.5 / 15 HP
PRA-MIX 12001200 LTR960 LTR240-480 KG75 / 100 HP10.5 / 15 HP