Gear Pump Liquid Filling


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Automatic Gear Pump Liquid Filling Machine is a multi-head gear pump high speed liquid filler. Machine is suitable for lubricant oil filling requirement with massive filling volume from 1 liter to 5 liters. Servo motor control makes the filling precise and each nozzle can be adjusted individually.

  • Rigid construction of stainless-steel structure and high-grade anodized aluminium.
  • Lubricant oil pump for precise and smooth filling.
  • Servo motor controls each filling nozzle individually and makes filling precise.
  • Selected pneumatic shut off valve to prevent liquid from dripping down.
  • Pneumatic bottle positioning system and diving nozzle for precise filling.
  • Pneumatic drip tray with surplus oil backflow system.
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: Gear Pump Liquid Filling Machine: Automatic 2 – Head
Model PLF-AGP 30
Output/ Min. * 20 to 30 Bottles @ 100 ml
Filling Range Up to 1000 ml
MOC of contact parts SS 316
No. of Heads 2
Power Characteristics Conveyor 0.5 HP / 415 V / 50 Hz.
Servo Motors 750 w x 2 Nos.
* Output may vary depending on product characteristics.
Gear Pump Liquid Filling Machine: Automatic 2 – Head
Model PLF-AGP 80
Capacity / Hour* (Bottles) 60 to 80 Bottles per minute
No. of Head/Syringe 4
Direction of Movement Left to right
Fill Size*** 5 ml to 1000 ml
Power Characteristics Conveyor 0.5 HP / 415 Volts / 50 Hz.
Servo Motors 750-Watt x 4 Nos.
Conveyor Length 8 Ft.
Height of Conveyor**(In mm) 860 to 910 adjustable
Machine Dim** (In mm) 2135 (L) x 1150 (W) x 1610 (H)
Approx. Weight 600 Kgs.
Input Specifications:Container Size** (In mm) Round Shape  (A) dia. 28 to dia. 100 (B) 58 to 240 (H) (Height option for other bottle height available) Flat / Square (A) 25 to 100 (L) (B) 20 to 50 (W) (C) 58 X 240 (H) (Height option for other bottle height available)
* Depends on size of Container, fill size, Neck diameter of container, and nature of liquid etc. ** We can supply as per customer requirements. *** With help of change parts.