From concept to distribution, we cater to every aspect of the process and are your one-stop shop for the broad base solution of wet / dry granulation consisting of processing system for drying,granulating, mixing, blending, tableting, coating, pelletizing, pellet coating, stirring, homogenizing, vacuumized mixing, filtration, evaporation, containment, material conveying, cleaning as well as process integration.

The pharmaceutical industry has the most precise requirements and manufacturing guidelines in terms of quality. As a result, it is critical that pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment comply with good manufacturing practice (GMP). As a one stop solution, Prash Engimach Private Limited is involved in to Pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment which includes a wide variety of equipment, such as Mixer Granulators, Dryers and Processors, Blending equipment, Tablet Compression machines, Tablet Auto Coaters and other ancillary equipment. It has also extended the range for liquid processing and packaging solutions. In order to ensure precise manufacturing and formulation development, almost every process can be automated. As a result, Prash has developed complete range so it can satisfy the need of pharmaceutical manufacturing in terms of wide range of equipment’s which are involved in every step. It also has a range of Filling Line solutions and Powder packaging, Injectable lines in sterile and non-sterile applications.

Most Pharmaceutical Manufacturers are also pursuing for the most efficient equipment that can increase output, reduce downtime, cut costs, and increase overall productivity, while adhering to strict cGMP requirements. Equipment used in the manufacture, processing, packing, or holding of a drug / product shall be of appropriate design, adequate size, and suitably located to facilitate operations for its intended use and its cleaning and maintenance. PRASH equipment introduced in 2020 which reflect most of these characteristics. Team of qualified engineers available for Equipment validation to perform a set of independent procedures that are used to check if a product meets the specifications and requirements of its intended purposes.