Semi Automatic Auger Powder Filling


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Semi-automatic auger fillers are a type of semi-automatic powder filling machine. They are convenience and well suited for the filling tiny powder, ultra-fine powder, micro small granules and other similar materials.

Each auger filler is building on the reliable heavy-duty stainless-steel frame. All the contact parts are made by food grade materials of 304 stainless steel. Therefore, semi-automatic auger filler is your idea choice for any customer that desires economical, low cost, repeatable and accurate filling of fine powders, small granules, and other similar products.

All of the semi-automatic auger fillers below is easily automated by adding screw conveyor feeder. The auger filler includes a stirring bar to keep product constantly fed to the fill auger.

Model PPF – STA PPF – Semi Auger


1 (Semi-Automatic)

1 (Semi-Automatic)

Output Per Hour

1500 to 2400 Fills (Depending on the powder quality)

2400 to 4200 Fills (Depending on the powder quality)

Power Characteristics

230 V. 1 Phase 50 Hz 440 V. 3 Phase 50 Hz

230 V. 1 Phase 50 Hz 440 V. 3 Phase 50 Hz


4 Wire System

4 Wire System

Fill Size

50 g to 100 g, (With help of extra change parts)

5 g to 100 g, (With help of extra change parts)

Filling Accuracy

± 2 % to 3 % (Depending on the powder quality)

± 2 % to 3 % (Depending on the powder quality)

Net Weight

200 kgs. (Appx.)

200 kgs. (Appx.)

Semi Automatic, Weight metric basis 1 – Head

Automatic Weight based Auger filling machine for non-free flowing powders and thick pastes in pre-formed pouches of container held under the nozzle or fed through the conveyorized system. The machine is specially designed for the products where physical characteristics changes due to batch-to-batch variation or due to Atmospheric changes which directly impacts the accuracy of the filling when filled by a Volumetric Auger filler.

Load cell-based Auger filling machine works on the principle of closed loop feedback and control mechanism where the product being dispensed is sensed at a very high frequency and the feedback is provided to the controller which compares the weight against the desired output. Coarse and Fine feed parameters help to optimize the filling speed and accuracy of the filling. Auto tare function, in flight variation etc. can be set to achieve accuracy better than +/-1%. Machine also supports volumetric filling model. Discharge of the cycle can be controlled through the foot switch or auto mode.

Model Number PPF – Semi Auger

Filling range

100 Grams to 1000 Grams

Filling System

Dual mode filling – weigh metric or volumetric


1 to 2 %


All contact parts S.S. 304


Microprocessor based

Controller / Sensors

PLC based controls (optional).

Output (Fills/min)

800-1000 packs/min

Packaging Type

Dry non-free flow powders

Power (HP)

1 HP (Single Phase)