Semi Automatic Liquid Filling


From concept to distribution, we cater to every aspect of the process and are your one-stop shop for the broad base solution of wet / dry granulation consisting of processing system for drying,granulating, mixing, blending, tableting, coating, pelletizing, pellet coating, stirring, homogenizing, vacuumized mixing, filtration, evaporation, containment, material conveying, cleaning as well as process integration.

The machine is compact, versatile and elegantly matt finished unit totally enclosed in stainless steel having most of the features of automatic machine. The basic unit consist of reciprocating filling, nozzles, container platform, container centring device, syringe holder, HDPE tubes and pipes and on-line starter.

Two containers are manually placed on to the container platform, which is accurately centred initially for one size of container. The filling nozzles automatically enter the neck of the container at a pre-set depth and after filling, return back to the original position. Filled container are removed manually and replaced by empty ones. The basic unit can be fitted with a specially designed drip proof syringes of different volume range.

  • The unit is built on strong structural frame for rigidity and provides vibration free movement of operation.
  • The stroke of nozzle holder and the height of the nozzles are adjustable for achieving smooth entry and exit of nozzles inside the neck of the containers and avoid splash/ spillage of liquid or dripping at sides.
  • No breakage of containers in the event centring is not done correctly as nozzles holder is spring loaded.
  • Specially honed, wide range of selection of syringes available, which gives performance of uniform volume for a long time.
  • The unit can be quickly dismantled for maintenance just by opening front cover, Each and every part can be detached for cleaning operation or maintenance without any hindrance.
  • Flame Proof Motor (Optional)


Output/ Hour

1000 To 1800 Containers. *

Depends On Volume / Viscosity of The Liquid to Be Filled

Power Characteristics/ Supply

440 Volts/ 3 Phase (4 Wire System).50hz 1 H.P.

Overall Dimensions (In mm)

360 (L) X 635 (W) X 725 (H)

Approx. weight

95 KG.