Building Processes for a Healthier Tomorrow

Making significant strides in the pharmaceutical processes industry, Prash is the brainchild of Prashant Engichem Pvt. Ltd founded in the year 2000. Combining cutting edge technology with our expertise in manufacturing precision parts and assembly, Prash delivers what they promise with the highest quality and timeliness.

Technical and Manufacturing solution

To emerge as a significant player and be the preferred partner in providing integrated solution to Pharma granulation and allied Industry, leveraging our precision manufacturing ability, innovation and application of state-of-the-art technology to complete reliability for our customers.

Safety is top priority

For us, occupational safety is a top priority, with modern machinery and safety facilities. so it’s well worth.

Industry We Serve

With our established and comprehensive knowledge of markets, we can offer the suitable Products and solutions for Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverages, Nutraceuticals, Cosmetics, Fertilizers and other allied industries.

Our Range of Products

Our range of products includes the Processing Solutions, Packaging Solutions, Material Handling Solutions & Auxiliary Equipment Solutions.